Train Your Body and Mind with Sambo

At Koulikov Grappling Academy, we believe that high-quality Sambo training delivers on multiple levels. Sambo is a Russian martial art which translates directly into "self-defence without weapons". It integrates catch wrestling, judo, MMA, striking, and grappling to form a well rounded marital art. First and foremost, our Sambo and BJJ classes will get you in the best shape of your life. By combining the finesse and discipline of a traditional martial arts technique with the power and demand of a modern contact sport, Sambo offers you a full-body workout. In our classes you'll:

  • Burn Fat and Tone Muscle
  • Develop Balance and Body Control
  • Increase your Strength and Stamina

This all happens in a fun, energetic atmosphere led by world-class instructors who will help you reach your full potential.

The Benefits of Sambo Aren't Just Physical

Even if all we offered was physical training, we'd still be the best gym in Edinburg, Vernon, or Warwick area. But, our Sambo program offers more than just an alternative to a traditional fitness center. Through the practice of Sambo, you are always developing skills that will help you succeed at home and the office as well. Focus, discipline, goal-setting, and community are at the heart of any martial arts practice, and at Koulikov Grappling Academy, we take those values seriously.

We Have Sambo Classes For You, No Matter Your Skill Level

Our programing offers both beginning and advanced Sambo and BJJ tracks. So whether you are stepping into your first class or are a veteran of martial arts training looking for a new challenge, we have instructors that will help you to take the next step on your Sambo journey. And, because we offer both tiers of training under one roof, our programming is ready to grow with you, always here to inspire and motivate you to get stronger, faster, and more seamless in your execution of technique.

Koulikov Grappling Academy is Here to Help You Fulfill Your Potential

Imagine being in the best physical shape of your life. Imagine waking up better rested, with more energy throughout the day, and possessing the discipline to accomplish everything on your plate. Imagine the confidence you'll gain from setting goals and working hard until you achieve them. Imagine the peace of mind that will come from knowing that you could defend yourself or your loved ones in a dangerous situation. Now stop imagining, and make it a reality with Sambo. Take the first step by filling out the form on your screen.

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