I’ve been training with Vlad since 2012.

His style of grappling consists not only of traditional BJJ, but is heavily based in his martial arts background in Sambo, judo, and wrestling.

This grappling style is at the core of what Vlad teaches, or as he has named it, “Sambo jiu jitsu fusion”.

This fusion hybrid style bridges the gaps of what a traditional bjj academy teaches.

Classes can run like a traditional bjj school some nights, I.e.-shrimping, drilling guard passing, etc. while other nights you’ll experience a traditional sambo warm up that consists of tumbling, and break falls to safely prepare for drilling take downs and throwing techniques.

In order To be a well rounded grappler, especially if you’re looking to compete, You need to be well versed in more than just one style. Especially when the majority of athletes dominating the grappling circuits are not solely BJJ athletes.

And even if you’re not looking to compete, and simply looking to stay in shape or learn self defense, or become a better athlete, you’ll find it here among one of the classes offered-Gi/NoGi BJJ, kickboxing, wrestling, and Sambo sundays.

Scott William

I had an amazing experience when Mr Koulikov came to our gym to teach sambo. He really opened my mind and he was a great guy on top of it.

Bruce Williams

It’s been close to three months since I have joined the academy and I can say this is indeed one of the best academics of self-defense and martial arts. My expert is very polite and always motivates his students.

Alaric Saltzman

I had joined Jiu Jitsu class at Sambo Fusion. I was well-trained by a qualified and certified trainer and my experience was really good. I would recommend it to everyone.

Sasha White

Simply the best. The instructor is world class and amazing, the gym itself is clean, and all the students are incredibly welcoming and friendly.

Dylan Strait

I started my martial arts training under the supervision of the trained and qualified instructor at Sambo Fusion. I am now at the advanced level and my experience so far has been really good.

Brayan Adams

If you’re passionate about learning martial arts Sambo Fusion is the best place to keep your training on. I am an advanced level wrestler and I love training here. Highly Recommended!

Robin Mathew

You won’t find a better instructor, training partners, or gym in the North Jersey area. I have been to numerous gyms prior to settling down here. It has been a productive 6 months in my martial arts journey. Whether you seek a competition environment, or, seek recreation, you will find your niche at Sambo Fusion.


The ABSOLUTE BEST mixed martial arts training! As a woman and mom (and now a life-long competitive athlete), Koulikov Academy offers real training and mindset shift that helps you reach (and even exceed) your training goals.

Tré Nation

I had my first Sambo class with Vlad, and what an awesome experience! I didn’t know much about Sambo until 2 days ago but now I am hooked. Vlad was a great instructor. He made the moves very easy to understand along with the details of the move. If you are looking to up your stand up game and JiuJitsu, Vlad and Sambo fusion is the way to go!

Anthony Holland

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