Brazilian Jiu Jitsu near Hewitt

Eric Stewart

Eric Stewart, Koulikov Grappling Academy's striking coach, has been an active martial arts practitioner and teacher/coach for the last 28 years. Starting his journey in the martial arts at the tender age of 6, Eric earned a first and second degree black belt in karate under the guidance of Donald and Michael Malandra of the American Institute of Combat Karate (now Malandra's Martial Art Center). He also studied Burmese kickboxing extensively under Master Phil Dunlap of Advanced Fighting Systems (aka Asylum Fight Gym) as well as boxing under Lou Balauger of Lou's Balauger's Extreme Fight Club.

Eric has helped numerous individuals not only realize their fitness goals but has prepared fighters for competitions in both MMA and kickboxing, and has guided many others in learning how to effectively protect themselves and their families.

At KGA Eric offers an intense and honest approach to the martial arts by teaching a unique blend of karate, kickboxing, and boxing. Bringing the discipline, respect, and principals found in traditional martial arts to the intensity of combat based sports makes the training system highly effective both inside the ring and on the street. Students train in a communal setting where Eric encourages practitioners, both novice and advanced, to learn and grow together.

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