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Jake Tuckfelt

I’ve been training under Vladislav Koulikov for about eight years. I began at Ultimate Sambo and then followed to Asylum Fight Systems, Warwick Jiu Jitsu, and UFC gym. Vlad is a great instructor for all students, from newbies to experienced competitors, children to adults. Vlad understands and communicates the importance of fundaments (e.g. “position before submission”) but always has some new advanced techniques to share as well. Although he is a beast, Vlad also emphasizes the importance of smoothness and technique. This is especially useful for older practitioners who need to conserve energy and avoid injury. Vlad is also an intellectual martial artist, who understands the “chess” aspects of the game (especially Jiu-Jitsu) and is able to explain techniques using precise terminology and useful analogies. I recommend Vlad him to anyone interested in training in SAMBO or Jiu Jitsu."


Russ DeMott

Let's just put it this way: If the man asks for your lunch money, give it to him.


Elijah Fletcher

Master Vlad is an amazing instructor. We have hosted him three times in Charleston, South Carolina at American Judo and Jiu-Jitsu Academy. Every seminar has covered new techniques and strategies. His throws, positions, and submissions have always been very effective. I have never met a more technical instructor that can address every detail in such depth. From beginners to seasoned competitors, there is always something to learn and Master Vlad has the experience, technique, and athletic ability to change the way you train and compete! Sambo, Judo and BJJ competitors will make huge strides through any training with Vladislav Koulikov. If you can't get the man in person, his DVD series is amazing and can be found at Budo Videos."


Viktor Wong

I find your material (youtube) very informative, straight to the point and not very sophisticated. Simple enough to learn the idea quickly, Informative enough to stress the points that matter the most."


Rolando Delgado

I trained with Vlad after discussing leg locks online for about a year. We brought him to Westside, and even though he showed mostly SAMBO takedowns and other sub-grappling techniques at my request, I was still able to pick his brain and learn some good details to make my leg attacks even better. I look forward to having him back! Vlad is the authority on SAMBO and its application to BJJ/sub-grappling."


Joe Mendolia

I had the privilege of training with Vlad Koulikov at Ultimate SAMBO MMA Academy in Florida, NY. You will not find a more passionate or dedicated instructor. If it is MMA you are looking for or if you want the authentic SAMBO experience, you simply must go to Master Vlad."


Will Martinez

We at Martinez Bjj recently hosted a seminar by world-renowned leg lock specialist, Vladislav Koulikov. It was one of the most informative seminars I've ever hosted. I'm an MMA fighter and an active grappler, and Vlad's techniques were game changing. I have applied most of the techniques shown at the seminar. We can't wait to have him back."


George McGinnis

I've had the pleasure of working with Master Vlad on numerous occasions. It has always been a pleasure to do so as he is very personable and fun to work with! His classes and seminars are always very informative and cutting edge. He has helped bring my no-gi and SAMBO game to a new level, and both myself and my students are always super excited to work with him!"


Gregg Humphreys

I've trained with Vlad Koulikov on many occasions over the past decade. He has instructed at my club, the Dynamo Combat Club/Miletich Fighting Systems in Bettendorf, IA, as well at the American SAMBO Association's annual SAMBO Summit. He is one of the preeminent Sambo/Grappling coaches in North America. On every occasion, I have learned valuable techniques and concepts. If you want to enhance your ability in any of the grappling sports, I urge you to attend one of Vlad's seminars or to book private lessons with him."


Brendan Walsh

Vlad is a excellent instructor in any form of martial arts, I met him when I was 13 and from then until I was 18, at which point I joined the Marines, I attened many of his classes and took quite a few privates from him. Everything he taught me from all those years ago is still in my grappling/striking game, a testament not only to the effectiveness of what he teaches but his ability to teach his students. I was on the USA SAMBO team for two years, I have been in many SAMBO, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo tournaments, and I've competed in Muay Thai matches. In all of these martial arts I still used what he taught me over a decade ago. I cannot recommend him highly enough, he works very well with children and young teens as well as of course adults."


Eric Perez

Sometimes in life there are decisions that you make and when you make them you don't realize that they are life changing. One of those decisions in my life was training with Vlad Koulikov. From day one Vlad doesn't just treat you as a student but like a member of a family. He breaks down moves and techniques which are easily understandable from a beginner to a seasoned martial artist. So If you're looking to learn self-defense, get in unbelievable shape or just to be a part of something special then Vlad can definitely get you to where you want to be. You will not regret your decision. The only thing you'll regret is why you didn't start sooner."


Michael Botier

There are very few people out there who have a complete approach with martial arts, especially those who incorporate grappling. Vlad Koulikov brings an approach to every aspect of the grappling game that is both effective and innovative. His seminar at RDCC was one of the most well-received and well-reviewed we have ever had, and we look forward to many more."


Alicia Haag

I have attended many of Master Koulikov's seminars over the years and have always left with a fresh perspective and different techniques every time. An instructor of different disciplines myself, I can appreciate his style of teaching by example, then allowing students ample time to practice with a partner before reviewing the techniques and moving on. Vlad is thorough in his approach and direction—whether for practical or sport application. His style of instruction allows for maximum retention. He's a true expert of his trade, personable and professional—I'd recommend everyone who has the opportunity to train with Master Koulikov."


Nina Cutro-Kelly

Vlad got me through one of the hardest SAMBO competitions of my career, coaching and encouraging me to come from behind in three matches to win one of the hardest SAMBO tournaments in the world: The Kharlampiev Memorial Super World Cup in Moscow. He also has been very supportive of my clinics and seminars and a resource for SAMBO strategies."


Matthew Galindo

Having a background in scholastic wrestling (American Folkstyle), BJJ, and SAMBO, it is a rarity to find a coach who understands and can coach the principles that bridge the gap between grappling styles and rule sets. Vlad’s wealth of knowledge in grappling is built from SAMBO and is the perfect complement for anyone training in BJJ, Wrestling, or Judo looking to expand on their grappling knowledge, or for any SAMBO player looking to improve their game. I can’t speak more highly of Vlad another to say training with him is must."


Stephen Moss

My name is stephen moss im a grappler and i have trained under vlad for a few mma teams i have trained with asylum fight team, axxios kick boxing, and ufc gym, and i can say i have enjoyed all of my instructors that came with those gyms and i consider them all my mma family but vlad is definitely my go to instructor very easy to learn from and he cares about every aspect of your training he will always be my go to instructor.